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1st Serve Tennis


Time to register!

Online Here

PLEASE NOTE: The 8:30-10:00 session for June 12-16 is CLOSED. You can still register for the 10:30-Noon Session.

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It is that time of year again to sign up 
for FCA 1st Serve! 
We are so excited for  the 2017 
1st Serve, and the opportunity 
we have to make a difference 
in the lives of our youth. 

This year, we will be hosting three 
weeks of camp. 1st Serve 2017 is 
ready to rock the 
River Valley with the 
love of Jesus! Our staff is 
energized and enthusiastic 
about what is to 
come this summer. 

We hope that you will send your 
child to join us this year 
for lots of fun, but also 
learn the importance of 
following Jesus!

Morgan Staton  -  Judy Saxton
1st Serve Coordinators